Georgy Ivanov Георгий Иванов



Georgy Ivanov

(Jul 02, 1940)

Cosmonaut 92

Cosmonaut Bulgaria 1

Spaceflights 1


No. Launch OrbiterDuration
1st Apr 10, 1979Soyuz 33 1 d 23 h 1 m 6 s (47 h 1 m 6 s)
Cumulative time: 1 d 23 h 1 m 6 s (47 h 1 m 6 s)

Georgy Ivanov is the first cosmonaut of Bulgaria. Bulgaria is the sixth country that received its own cosmonaut. The program for the flight of the Soyuz-33 was for docking with the Salyut-6 station. However, the automatic control system on the Soyuz-33 failed. Soyuz-33 did not enter the calculated orbit. Docking with Salyut-6 was canceled. It was about saving the crew. Only thanks to the courage of cosmonauts and professionalism the experienced commander of the Soyuz Nikolai Rukavishnikov, who took the manual control of the ship on himself, a successful landing was effected.

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