Pamela Melroy Памела Мелрой



Pamela Melroy

(Pamela Ann Melroy)

(Sep 17, 1961)

Astronaut 397

Astronaut of the USA 248

Woman-astronaut 37

Spaceflights 3


No. Launch OrbiterDuration
1st Oct 11, 2000Discovery STS-92 - ISS 12 d 21 h 42 m 41 s (309 h 42 m 41 s)
2nd Oct 07, 2002 Atlantis STS-112 - ISS 10 d 19 h 58 m 44 s (259 h 58 m 44 s)
3rd Oct 23, 2007Discovery STS-120 - ISS 15 d 2 h 22 m 59 s (362 h 22 m 59 s)
Cumulative time: 38 d 20 h 4 m 24 s (932 h 4 m 24 s)

Pamela Melroy is the second female commander of the Space Shuttle.

Pamela Melroy was nominated for the position of the Deputy Administrator for NASA by President Joseph Biden in April and confirmed by the Senate on June 17th.

Melroy is an ROTC graduate and an Air Force officer. She was one of two female Air Force test pilots and one of two female shuttle commanders. She spent over 38 days in space.

Since graduating from the Air Force Test Pilot School, Melroy has flown over 6,000 hours on over 50 different aircraft. She is a veteran of Operations Desert Shield / Desert Storm and Just Cause, and has spent more than 200 hours on combat missions.

After serving for over twenty years in the Air Force and as a NASA astronaut, Melroy has held senior positions including Lockheed Martin, the FAA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Nova Systems Pty, Australia, and an advisor to the Australian Space Agency. She also served as an independent consultant and member of the National Space Council's Users Advisory Group. She received her BS in physics and astronomy from Wellesley College and her MS in Earth and planetary sciences from MIT.


Pamela Melroy.


Pamela Melroy.


Pamela Melroy.


Pamela Melroy on the flight deck of the Space Shuttle Atlantis.


Pamela Melroy NASA deputy administrator. April 2021.

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