Virgil Grissom Вирджил Гриссом



Virgil Grissom

(Virgil Ivan "Gus" Grissom)

(Apr 03, 1926 - Jan 27, 1967)

Astronaut 3

Astronaut of the USA 2

Spaceflights 2


No. Launch OrbiterDuration
1st Jul 21, 1961Liberty Bell 7 15 m 37 s
2nd Mar 23, 1965Gemini 3 4 h 52 m 31 s
Cumulative time: 5 h 8 m 8 s

Virgil Grissom is an astronaut from the first (original) sevens. Virgil Grissom is the second American astronaut. He made the first space flight on a ballistic trajectory lasting approximately 16 minutes on ship Liberty Bell 7. The second space flight of Grissom was the first manned flight of the new American spaceship Gemini. Virgil Grissom died during a fire in preparation for the next flight for the Apollo program.


Virgil Grissom.


Virgil Grissom in Gemini.


Virgil Grissom before the first flight.


Virgil Grissom after first flight.

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