Alan Shepard Алан Шепард



Alan Shepard

(Alan Bartlett Shepard, Jr.)

(Nov 18, 1923 - Jul 22, 1998)

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No. Launch OrbiterDuration
1st May 05, 1961Freedom 7 15 m 22 s
2nd Jan 31, 1971Apollo 14 - Moon 9 d 0 h 1 m 58 s (216 h 1 m 58 s)
Cumulative time: 9 d 0 h 17 m 20 s (216 h 17 m 20 s)


No. Date OrbiterDuration
1st Feb 05, 1971 Lunar module Antares4 h 48 mВыхоd на Луне
2nd Feb 06, 1971 Lunar module Antares4 h 35 mВыхоd на Луне
Cumulative time: 9 h 23 m

Alan Shepard is an astronaut of the original sevens. Alan Shepard is the first American astronaut. He made a suborbital flight lasting approximately 15 minutes. As the commander of the spacecraft Apollo 14, in February 1971, Shepard carried out a flight to the moon. Shepard is the fifteenth human who reached the Moon's orbit and the fifth who entered on its surface.


Alan Shepard.


Alan Shepard mercury pilot.


Alan Shepard.


Alan Shepard.


Alan Shepard on the Moon.

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