John Young Джон Янг



John Young

(John Watts Young)

(Sep 24, 1930 - Jan 05, 2018)

Astronaut 18

Astronaut of the USA 7

EVA astronaut 18

EVA astronaut of the USA 15

Astronaut on the lunar orbit 4...6

Astronaut on the Moon 9

Spaceflights 6

EVAs 3


No. Launch OrbiterDuration
1st Mar 23, 1965Gemini 3 4 h 52 m 31 s
2nd Jul 18, 1966Gemini 10 2 d 22 h 46 m 39 s (70 h 46 m 39 s)
3rd May 18, 1969Apollo 10 - Moon 8 d 0 h 3 m 23 s (192 h 3 m 23 s)
4th Apr 16, 1972Apollo 16 - Moon 11 d 1 h 51 m 05 s (265 h 51 m 05 s)
5th Apr 12, 1981Columbia STS-1 2 d 6 h 20 m 54 s (54 h 20 m 54 s)
6th Nov 28, 1983Columbia STS-9 10 d 7 h 47 m 24 s (247 h 47 m 24 s)
Cumulative time: 34 d 19 h 41 m 56 s (835 h 41 m 56 s)


No. Date OrbiterDuration
1st Apr 21, 1972 Lunar module Orion7 h 11 mEVA on the Moon
2nd Apr 22, 1972 Lunar module Orion7 h 23 mEVA on the Moon
3rd Apr 23, 1972 Lunar module Orion5 h 40 mEVA on the Moon
Cumulative time: 20 h 14 m

John Young is one of the most successful astronauts of USA. John Young made space flights under programs Gemini, Apollo and Space Shuttle. John Young has made six space flights, and he is the first astronaut who has made the fifth and sixth space flights. The sixth flight has John Young carried out in 1983. Only in thirteen years, after John Young, in 1996, Story Musgrave became the second astronaut made six space flights.
The first John Young's start in space - in the first manned flight of Gemini-3 together with Virgil Grissom, was also first manned flight under the program Gemini. Gemini-3 has made three orbits around the Earth, approximately, for 5 hours.
The second flight John Young has made as the commander of crew Gemini-10 in 1966. The flight Apollo - 10 in May, 1969 became general rehearsal of landing on the Moon. Thomas Stafford (commander of crew), John Young and Eugen Cernan about 31 times have flown around the Moon and steel by fourth, fifth and sixth astronauts achieved orbit of the Moon. It was the third John Young's flight. In April, 1972 John Young as the commander of Apollo-16 together with Charles Duke has landed on the Moon, where has carried out almost of three day. Thus John Young the ninth astronaut entered on a surface of the Moon. It was the fourth John Young's flight in space.
The twelfth of April, 1981, is equal in twenty years after Gagarin's flight, is carried out the first manned space flight under the program Space Shuttle. And the commander of the first crew of the reusable Space Shuttle Columbia was John Young. It was his fifth space flight. Sixth, and while last flight, John Young has made as the commander of crew of the Space Shuttle Colombia (STS-9) in 1983.


John Young, 1972.


John Young, 1986.


John Young on the Moon.


John Young on board of the Gemini.


John Youngcommander of the Space Shuttle Columbia.


John Young, 2007.

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