Jun 15, 2002 - Dec 2, 2002
Korzun (Commander), Whitson, Treschev.
Jun 05, 2002 21:22:49
Dec 07, 2002 19:37:12
184 d 22 h 14 m 23 s
(4699 h 38 m 13 s)

Visits to the ISS
Jeffrey Ashby, Pamela Melroy, David Wolf,
Pierce Sellers, Sandra Magnus, Fedor Yurchikhin
Sergey Zalyotin, Yuri Lonchakov, Frank De Winne
James Wetherbee, Paul Lockhart, Michael Lopez-Alegria,
John Herrington, Kenneth Bowersox, Nikolay Budarin,
Donald Pettit

Crew ISS-5 from Jun 15, 2002 to Dec 2, 2002: Valery Korzun, Peggy Whitson, Sergei Treschev.

Valery Korzun (Commander)


Cosmonaut No. 351

Cosmonaut Russia No. 83

Korzun: 2nd flight (last)

Cumulative time: 381 d 15 h 40 m 36 s
(9159 h 40 m 36 s)

Peggy Whitson


Astronaut No. 419

Astronaut USA No. 264

Woman-astronaut No. 38

Whitson: 1st flight

Cumulative time: 184 d 22 h 14 m 23 s
(4699 h 38 m 13 s)

Sergei Treschev


Cosmonaut No. 420

Cosmonaut Russia No. 95

Treschev: 1st flight (last)

Cumulative time: 184 d 22 h 14 m 23 s
(4699 h 38 m 13 s)


ISS Crew-5.


ISS Crew-4, Crew-5 and crew of Endeavour STS-111.


ISS Crew-5 and crew of Atlantis STS-112.


ISS Crew-5 and Soyuz TMA-01.


ISS Crew-5, Crew-6 and crew of Endeavour STS-113.

The fifth crew was delivered on ISS by a space shuttle Endeavour STS-111. Endeavour has started from cape Canaveral on the 05th of June and has joined with ISS on the 7th of June. Endeavour has taken away the fourth crew of ISS and has returned on the Earth of the 17th of June. The following change of crew on ISS is planned in november 2002. The start of Endeavour STS-113 with the sixth crew for ISS is launched on 24th November, 2002.

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