12 апреля Юрий Гагарин совершил первый в мире космический полет.***** Am 12. April 1961 machte Juri Gagarin das weltweit erste Raumflug.***** On 12 April 1961 Yury Gagarin made the first-ever space flight.*****

Starting from 31st October 2000 humans are permanently in the space:
Into space

Oleg Novitskiy together with Marc Vande Hei and Pyotr Dubrov departed for the ISS on April 9, 2021 in the spacecraft Soyuz MS-18. Foto Soyuz MS-18 landed on October 17, 2021. Oleg Novitsky and members of the film project Klim Shipenko and Yulia Peresild, who arrived at the ISS in the spacecraft Soyuz MS-19. Vande Hai and Dubrov remained on the ISS until the end of March 2022 and will return to earth in the Soyuz MS-19 spacecraft together with Anton Shkaplerov. Foto Roskosmos, together with the first russian channel, decided to shoot a film in space, on the ISS, under the code name "Challenge". To do this, the Soyuz MS-19 crew included Anton Shkaplerov, also the director of the film Klim Shipenko and actress Yulia Peresild. The Soyuz MS-19 took off on October 5. Vande Hei and Dubrov will have to return in the Soyuz MS-19 on March 30, 2022. The duration of the flight of Vande Hei and Dubrov will be about 354 days, almost one year. This will be the longest flight for an American astronaut. Currently, the longest flight among American astronauts was made by Scott Kelly: 340 days 8 hours 42 minutes (8168 hours 42 meters). Mark Vande Hei and Pyotr Dubrov will be fifth and sixth in list of the longest space flights.

Longest American Astronauts Missions :
Scott Kelly : 340 d 8 h 42 m 30 s
Christina Koch : 328 d 13 h 58 m 0 s
Peggy Whitson : 289 d 5 h 1 m 30 s
Andrew Morgan : 271 d 12 h 48 m 22 s
Mark Wande Hai:
Longest flights :
Valery Polyakov : 437 d 17 h 58 m 31 s
Sergey Avdeev : 379 d 14 h 51 m 9 s
Vladimir Titov : 365 d 22 h 39 m 0 s
Musa Manarov : 365 d 22 h 39 m 0 s
Mikhail Kornienko : 340 d 8 h 42 m 30 s
Scott Kelly : 340 d 8 h 42 m 30 s
Pyotr Dubrov:

For Pyotr Dubrov, this is the first space flight, and the duration of which is almost 1 year. This flight of Dubrov becomes the second longest for space flight beginners. Soviet cosmonaut Musa Manarov made his first space flight lasting 365 days 22 hours 39 minutes (8782 hours 39 minutes). Musa Manarov made his first flight from December 21, 1987 to December 21, 1988, together with Vladimir Titov. They started on the Soyuz TM-4 spacecraft and landed on the Soyuz TM-6 spacecraft and spent almost a year at the Mir station. For Vladimir Titov, this was the second space flight. The second longest space flight for beginners was made by American astronaut Christina Koch - 328 days 13 hours 58 minutes (7885 hours 58 minutes). The third longest space flight for beginners was made by American astronaut Andrew Morgan - 271 days 12 hours 48 minutes (6516 hours 48 minutes). Pyotr Dubrov becomes the second in this list.

Titov Age of the astronauts. The youngest astronaut for 55 years remains the second Soviet astronaut Germann Titov , Who was the first to make a daily flight on 6 August 1961 at the age of 25 years 10 months 25 days. In the oldest age, the first flight was made by an American space tourist Denis Tito on 28 April 2001 in a spacecraft Soyuz TM-32 at age 60 years 8 months 20 days. In the oldest age the last flight made John Glenn on 29 October 1998 on a shuttle Discovery STS-95 at age 77 years 3 months 11 days. Youngest female astronaut remains Valentina Tereshkova 16 June 1963 on a spacecraft Vostok-6 at age 26 years 3 months 10 days. In the oldest Age for femal astronauts committed Peggy Whitson on 17 November 2016 on a spacecraft Soyuz MS-03 at age 56 years 9 months 8 days.

Lists of astronauts by age:

Ross How many times fly astronauts. Currently, only two astronauts have made seven space flights. Jerry Ross was the first to do this on April 8, 2002, on the shuttle Atlantis STS-110. The second is Franklin Chang-Diaz on June 5, 2002 on the shuttle Endeavour STS-111. Seven astronauts and cosmonauts made six space flights each. Five space flights were carried out 25 astronauts and cosmonauts. Among the Russian cosmonauts, six times flew into space: Sergey Krikalev and Yuri Malenchenko.

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Lucid Currently, six women have flown into space five times. The first three, four and five flights were made by Shannon Lusid .

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