Sojus TM-34 Soyuz TM-34 Союз TM-34

Apr 25, 2002 06:26:35
May 05, 2002 03:51:53
9 d 21 h 25 m 18 s
(237 h 25 m 18 s)
Nov 10, 2002 00:04:20
198 d 17 h 37 m 45 s
(4769 h 37 m 45 s)


Mark Shuttleworth


Cosmonaut No. 416

Cosmonaut SSouth Africa No. 1

Shuttleworth: 1st flight (last)

Cumulative time: 9 d 21 h 25 m 18 s
(237 h 25 m 18 s)

Yuri Gidzenko (Commander)


Cosmonaut No. 329

Cosmonaut Russia No. 81

Gidzenko: 3rd flight (last)

Cumulative time: 329 d 22 h 45 m 8 s
(7918 h 45 m 8 s)

Roberto Vittori


Cosmonaut No. 415

Cosmonaut Italy № 4

Vittori: 1st flight

Cumulative time: 9 d 21 h 25 m 18 s
(237 h 25 m 18 s)


Crew of Soyuz and ISS in Destiny module.


Cosmonauts of Soyuz in Zvezda module.

84th manned flight of the Soyuz. The 4th flight of the Soyuz spacecraft to the ISS. Visit expedition - 3. At this time, on the station was the fourth crew of the ISS: Yuri Onufrienko, Daniel Bursch and Carl Walz. Docking with the ISS and replacement of the Soyuz TM-33 spacecraft, which since October 2001 has remained docked to the ISS. Soyuz TM-34 remained instead of the Soyuz TM-33, docked to the ISS as an emergency ship. Gidzenko, Vittori and Shuttleworth returned on Earth in the Soyuz TM-33.
Experienced Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gidzenko accompanies two space novices: the Italian cosmonaut Roberto Vittori and South Africa's representative Mark Shatworth, who pays for his space journey from your own pocket (about $ 20 million). Mark Shatworth is the second space tourist. Yuri Gidzenko was commander of the spacecraft Soyuz TM-31, which in November 2000 was delivered to the ISS first long-term crew: Gidzenko, Krikalev and Shepherd (USA). From November 2000 to March 2001, Gidzenko spent almost 140 days on the ISS. After a year and two months, Yuri Gidzenko returns to the ISS. Three representatives of Italy ( Franco Malerba, Umberto Guidoni and Maurizio Cheli) have been in space, but they all went up into space on American shuttles. Roberto Vittori is the first Italian cosmonaut, which flew into space in the Russian spacecraft Soyuz.

The longest flight:
Jan 08, 1994 437 d 17 h 58 m 31 s (10505 h 58 m 31 s)
Valery Polyakov

The largest number of flights: 7
Jerry Ross

The most cumulative time in space (3 flightа):
747 d 14 h 15 m 1 s (17942 h 15 m 1 s) Sergey Avdeyev

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