Nov 2, 2000 - Mar 19, 2001
Shepherd (Commander), Gidzenko, Krikalev.
Oct 10, 2000 07:52:47
Mar 21, 2001 07:31:00
140 d 23 h 38 m 13 s
(3362 h 38 m 13 s)

Visits to the ISS
Brent Jett, Michael Bloomfield, Joseph Tanner,
Carlos Noriega, Mark Garneau
Kenneth Cockrell, Mark Polansky, Robert Curbeam,
Marcia Ivins, Thomas Jones
James Wetherbee, James Kelly, Andrew Thomas,
Paul Richards, James Voss, Susan Helms, Yuri Usachev

Crew ISS-23 from Nov 2, 2000 to Mar 19, 2001: Sergei Krikalev, William Shepherd, Yuri Gidzenko.

Sergei Krikalev


Cosmonaut No. 209

Cosmonaut of the USSR No. 67

Krikalev: 5th flight

Cumulative time: 624 дd 9 h 14 m 48 s
(14985 h 14 m 48 s)

William Shepherd (Commander)


Astronaut № 211

Astronaut of the USA № 122

Shepherd: 4th flight

Cumulative time: 159 d 7 h 50 m 7 s
(3823 h 50 m 7 s)

Yuri Gidzenko


Cosmonaut No. 329

Cosmonaut of the Russia No. 81

Gidzenko: 2nd flight

Cumulative time: 320 d 1 h 19 m 50 s
(7681 h 19 m 50 s)


ISS Crew-1.


ISS Crew-1 and Endeavour STS-97.


ISS Crew-1 and Atlantis STS-98.


ISS Crew-1 and Discovery STS-102.

ISS Crew 1. The first crew was delivered on ISS by the space ship Soyuz ТМ-31. Soyuz ТМ-31 has started from cosmodrom Baikonur 31-st October 2000 and has joined with ISS on the 2 of November. The space ship Soyuz ТМ-31 remained joined to ISS and can be used by crew of ISS for descent to the Earth, in case of unforeseen circumstances. The first crew of ISS has returned on the Earth of the 21 of March 2001 on a space shuttle Discovery (STS-102), which has delivered on ISS the second crew in structure: Usachev, Voss and Helms. In total Shepherd, Gidzenko and Krikalev have carried out 141 days in space.

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